Personal Branding

Personal Branding

Personal branding is the most difficult exercise, which every company aims to do, but only few succeed to deliver the best outcomes. We have done personal branding for ex- perts of almost every field. We are fortunate enough that each of our clients has successfully established their domain in their specific area. When it comes to politics, our every political leader has maintained a winning history even in the most difficult scenario. We have catered entrepre- neur, beautician, chef, lawyer, politicians, dieticians, and spiritual leaders-hence focusing people from all major areas.

Success Stories

Rajat Pathak

Founder and Promoter Rajat Synergy Group.

He is the founder, promoter and CEO of Rajat Synergy Group (earlier known as Synergy Group). An entrepreneur from Varanasi who allows us to create his identity

OM Prakash Sharma

MLA of Delhi Legislative Assembly

He is a elected MLA of Delhi Legislative Assembly from Bhartiya Janta Party. We were fortunate enough to promote him and maintain his winning steak even in the speeded wave of AAP in Delhi.

Preeti Seth

Beauticians and Make up artists.

A well-known face of beauty industry that created and sustained her identity among the leading beauticians and make up artists. She is also the owner of Pachouli, with our dedicated hard work we managed to make her a public figure and today she owns four outlets of Pachouli in Delhi/NCR.

Bandana Kumari

MLA from Aam Aadmi Party

One of the well-known MLA from Aam Aadmi Party who won the 2014 and 2015 Delhi Legislative Election (Shalimar Bagh, Delhi) also share a trustful relation with us. It was hard for us to make an unknown face winning the Legislative Election from a newly party found but this was her trust we were succeed.

Ashish Massey

Chef from Delhi,

A well-known chef from Delhi, who is also one of the owners of The Ancient Barbeque. From his Healthy Morning trolling on YouTube to Facebook promotions and events like Grills on Fire and Corporate Super Chef we were always present as his team and support to create his known identity.

Kanchan Maheshwari

BJP leader

A BJP leader who took our support in Delhi MCD elections 2017 to establish her a face in the most difficult non BJP zone of Shahdra District in Delhi. But some how the magic of our campaign work and she won her seat with a record vote count.

Anuja Kapur


A well-known lawyer, celebrity, social worker and news personality who carved success with sustained growth chart. It was our efforts and her hard work that she is one of those public figure who got registered in Wikipedia in a short span of time.

Tannu Sharma

State Minister for BJP

She is recently elected as state Minister for BJP’s Delhi Youth Commission. A young, dynamic and a well-known face that recently came into power and changed the entire political scenario. It’s our understanding that is allowing both of us to reach our desired goals.

Kusum Bansal

Social servant

A social servant and a BJP zone president who doesn’t require much introduction took our services and stood glad with the results she got. Started with null to current success, our collaboration is still growing and rising.

Swaryogi Sri Pramod Kulkarni

Yog Guru

A spiritual leader based in Mumbai is a well known Yog Guru and Vastu Practitioner. It was his knowledge and practice, which combined with our skills and knowledge which turned out to a successful collaboration.

Gunjan Gupta

MCD councillor

Elesected as MCD councillor from Delhi East Anand Vihar Ward is a well known face from BJP. With our skills and experience we were fortunate to make her victory memorable in 2017 MCD elections.